We combine the resources of active and caring people and companies to support Ukrainians.

Values that help us to drive our way


80+ accomplished humanitarian projects


Every day we process 50+ requests


All kind of contribution is important

Our mission & vision

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people.

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Our mission

Every day, thousands of people find themselves in a difficult situation due to military actions in Ukraine.

The "Allies of the World" aims to provide maximum assistance to those who need it.

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Our vision

We unite the community of donors and Ukrainians in need.
Together we can consolidate procurement, gain access to foreign suppliers, and direct aid to recipients instead of feeding numerous intermediaries. To achieve this goal, we join forces with other charitable foundations (mostly international) and volunteers.

Our Team


Boghdana Krupenko

Fund Founder


Igor Potikha



Andriy Baskakov

Deputy Director, International Relations


Iryna Baskakova

Head of volunteer coordination center


Olena Reznichenko

Volunteer, legal expert


Iuliia Ponomarenko

Volunteer, expert in working with the military


Tetiana Iakusheva

Volunteer, reconstruction expert

Founding Documents

Together with a team of caring Ukrainians, we have been actively working as volunteers since the first day of the war. However, it was only an initiative, and now we are a Charitable organization "Fund Allies of the World".
Our activities are based on the principles of transparency, openness and the importance of everyone's contribution.

Do you want to join?

If your organization wants to provide assistance to Ukraine, please get in touch with us. We are ready to cooperate with individuals, charitable foundations, and foreign partners to help further the Armed Forces and those who really need it!
Email: ten.rku%40dlrowehtfoseilla

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